About Us

Backyard Composting Guides was put together by a gardening enthusiast just like you to provide you with any and all information you may need in order to create homemade compost.

As you know, homemade compost is the absolute best fertilizer one can mix with  garden soil because, unlike synthetic fertilizers, homemade compost is rich in micronutrients and macronutrients which in turn provides more of the needed nutrients to help the plant grow vegetables which are more nourishing and lush.

As compared to store bought vegetables, those fed with homemade compost are so much more delicious, healthier, and more lush.  There is just no comparison!

These composting ebooks provided on this website can help both the beginner and the seasoned gardener as it provides people with four or more ways one can compost and each method is explained step by step.

If you’re looking for a full blown guide on how to create compost in not just one but four or more ways, then you might want to get yourself one of our ebooks where you will have all the composting information  in one place.  No need to search the net,  it’s all there.~ Backyard Composting Guides