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If you are interested in learning everything there is to know How To Create Compost In Your Backyard about growing vegetables . . .
which are sweeter, bigger, yummier than those you buy at the store, than this is going to be the most important information you'll ever read...

Because . . .   :

. . .homemade compost is by far the best kept secret to growing nutritious and healthy vegetables and plants year after year.

It's amazing . . . but although homemade compost has been an old-fashioned method used for centuries, in the last 50 years, this method has greatly been replaced by synthetic fertilizers.

And yes, you can get big crops with synthetic fertilizers, but alas! the resulting vegetables seem to have lost a lot of their original taste,texture, and nutritional value.


In order to grow an abundance of tasty, nutritious vegetables, the roots must find the basic nutrients in the soil . . .

. . . And only compost has ALL the necessary micronutrients and macronutrients.

Since vegetables nourish themselves with the nutrients in the soil, the soil in turn must replenish for the next group of vegetables to be grown.

If the soil is fed with only synthetic fertilizers, the soil cannot replenish as needed for the simple reason that many synthetic fertilizers do not have ALL micronutrients and macronutrients needed. You could think of it as feeding your body with only processed food, food which have lost most of its "live" nutritional value.

Good soil cannot remain "good soil" under those conditions. It slowly becomes depleted of many elements which are important to the proper growth of nourishing vegetables.

If you want to see the difference, go to the market in the summer and buy your carrots or turnips or whatever from farmers who are using compost to nourish their soil. The difference in taste and texture is absolutely amazing!.

Besides making your vegetables tastier,
                   adding compost to your garden soil
                                  helps the plant's growing process
                                                               in so many ways such as . . .

  • Compost releases a variety of nutrients just when the plants require it the most . . . which means you end up with vegetables which are not only morelush but which are also filled with nutrition and oh! so delicious!

  • Because the plant is healthier, insects and diseases don't seem to be attracted to the crops or, if they do come to the garden, they will do minimal damage. In turn, you do not need to contaminate your soil and vegetables with synthetic insecticides or pesticides, and if needed, ecofriendly homemade remedies will help you get rid of them. As a result, not only your plants but also you and your family live in a much cleaner healthier environment./span>

  • Plenty of compost added to the soil acts like a sponge soaking up water when it rains and releasing it in dry spells. . . which means you don't need to water as much, so you save on your water bill 

  • Dark compost draws the sun's heat to warm your garden soi l. . . which means you can begin gardening somewhat earlier in the spring and keep gardening later in the summer or even early fall -- making the growing season longer.
  • Compost improves the structure of both sand and clay soils . . . which means you have better protection against drought and erosion; therefore your crop will fare better.

This Ancient Secret Method Of
Adding Homemade Compost To The Soil  

Is Such A Superior Method of Gardening . . .
Every Vegetable Grower and Gardener
Should Know About It.

(In a hurry to find out how to create compost?)

That's why I decided to compile all composting information into ebooks so that anyone who wants to grow lush plants and healthier vegetables can discover how easy it is to make compost (There is even a composting method for those living in apartments).

(To find out more about me and why I know that using compost is the best method to use in order to grow delicious, nutritional, healthy vegetables, click on "Articles" below and then click on the first article on your right.  To return to this page, click "Homepage")
Although there are many ways to compost, in this just-released ebook, How To Make Compost In Your Backyard, you will get step-by-step instructions on the  four main methods of composting. You can then use a combination of 2 or 3 methods choose the best one for you.
Here's what you will discover in this ebook:
How To Create Compost In Your Backyard
  •  How to make your own Hot Compost  (Ch. 1) --
    You'll understand how a compost pile works, the three major components of the compost recipe, where to get your composting material, how to build your piles, and so much more.
    Gardeners who want as much compost as possible will usually choose this method.
  •  How to compost using the Cold Composting Method  Ch. 2 --
    Someone with more space for compost than time and energy may opt for this approach.
  • And the Different Ways  you can Cold Compost the easy, lazy way -- even indoors.
  • The Vermi-Composting Method (Ch. 3) --
    also known as worm composting.  
    This method requires very little space and very little work -- especially great for apartment dwellers.
  • The Lasagna Composting Method (Ch 4) --
    -- also known as sheet or layer composting.
    This method is a rather easy way of preparing your garden for planting without digging, removing sod or tilling. At the same time it's preparing a feast for worms
The beauty with using this ebook is that it is easy for you to pick your preferred method of composting and simply follow the easy step-by-step directions.

You can choose to follow just one method, or you can mix and match information from the different methods outlined in this ebook. Either way composting can be easy, low cost, and even fun.

But that's not all...

If you downloadHow To Make Compost In Your Backyard today, you will also get this report which is a perfect match because . . .

". . . Can I Compost This?" is, like a cheat sheet, a quick way for you to get answers to your composting questions.

 Can I Compost This? Questions & answers about composting

 Often people wonder what kitchen waste or yard waste can be thrown into a compost pile.

In this ebook you will find lists of items that can or cannot be used in the compost pile and why. By simply opening the ebook and going down these lists, you will quickly and easily get your answer.

In addition, you will find a question-and-answer section where you will find answers to questions people often ask about composting.


  • Just LOOK At What These Gardeners
    Are Saying About It

  •    This is obviously a "labor of love" by Marcie Snyder; she knows her subject well.    A beginner will find it easy to follow the directions given and even someone more experienced will value this book as an easy reference.

    This is a multi-faceted view of the various composting methods (I always thought there was only one and definitely never heard of "Lasagna" composting!) along with the pros and cons of each, so the gardener can choose according to situation and preference.

    I highly recommend this book. Have fun with it and grow the vegetables that will nourish you well. 

    ~ Britt Mittemeijer, Winston-Salem, NC

      Composting has been a background subject that  I have been hearing about for years. It just seemed so complicated! . . . and I have had "many misconceptions about it, particularly the smell, the fact that it wasn't for me because I lived in apartments, and of course, lack of time! 

     However, because of the growing serious concerns regarding the environment, composting became of extreme interest to me. I did not know the first thing about composting, but how and where does one start? (And who do you trust?) 

    I found myself very fortunate to fall on such an informative ebook!! The step-by-step information is so easy to follow and it shows you the composting options (yes, also for those living in an apartment). It even deals with the "smell" factor. I highly recommend this ebook!

    ~ C. Roy-Lefort, Montreal, QC

              Here's some examples of what you will discover when you download
             this eBook:

    blue arrow for point 1    The basic steps to creating a hot compost pile i.e. the compost recipe
    blue arrow for point 2    Five ways  to keep air in your compost pile
    blue arrow for point 3    How to mix  "green" and "brown" material for faster decomposition
    blue arrow for point 4    WARNING: Six types of materials that should never be added to the compost pile
    blue arrow for point 5  

     Four types of compost activators to help your compost pile heat up

    blue arrow for point 6    How to use the composting timetable
    blue arrow for point 7    Four reasons why compost should be in a covered container
    blue arrow for point 8    Four ways to make low-cost homemade compost containers 
    blue arrow for point 9    Five easy "cold composting" methods to choose from
    blue arrow for point 10    How to create compost in an apartment
    blue arrow for point 11    Four easy steps to successful vermi-composting
    blue arrow for point 13    Five steps to sheet composting, sometimes referred to as lasagna composting
    blue arrow for point 14    Why sheet composting is called the "lazy man's way of composting"
    blue arrow for point 13    Six ways you can use your compost
    blue arrow for point 7    And so much more . . .

     That's just a small tiny fraction of the amount of information you'll discover in this jam packed eBook that you can download within 5 minutes in the comfort of your own home.  

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    How To Create Compost In Your Backyard

     You can order these amazing  composting  secrets  that most people do not realize is so superior to  synthetic fertilizers within 30 seconds... yes, that's right... WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can begin planning your first compost pile.

    That's because I've compiled all the compost making information into a downloadable eBook.

    All you need do is open the eBook on your computer and begin reading.

    But don't worry! Downloading the information in "How To Make Compost In Your Backyard" is a real snap. I'm no "techno whiz" and had no problem. (It works perfectly with both MAC or PC.)

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  • So How Much Will This eBook Cost Me?

    How To Make Compost In Your Backyard  could easily sell for $19.95.  However, I want this ebook to be available to all the people who want to make their own low-cost compost -- especially those young families who are just starting out.  I don't want money to be an issue. 

  • Also, since more and more big companies are taking over the food chain system, unless  you, the consumer,  take matters into your own hands and begin growing your own vegetables, you could be at the mercy of these big companies. (For more information, click on "Articles"  below to read more about this issue)

    Why should you just sit back and allow these major companies the chance to sell you unsafe food or even genetically altered food  which are not as tasty and nutrient-filled as they could be?  that might have been sprayed with insecticide and/or pesticide?

    Would you not rather have access to vegetables that  are healthier for your body and that you and your family would enjoy eating because they taste so good?

    You CAN . . . by growing your own vegetables!  It's easy!  The trick is to keep adding compost to your soil on a regular basis because the more compost you add to your soil, the tastier, the more nutrition-filled, and the more insect-resistant your vegetables will be.

    And to do this, you might as well use your own compost that is easily made, is cost effective, and you know what's in it.  

    So for an introductory low price of only $12.95, you get all the secrets to How To Make Compost In Your Backyard

    But hurry! Order now. This low introductory price won't last.

    Let's review what you will get

     Detailed step-by-step information 
    Four different methods of composting explained in detail
    Four different chapters: One chapter for each composting method
    An index so that you can easily find information
    Links to 3 blogs; each one dedicated to a specific area of gardening

    1) composting tips, 2) general gardening ideas and tips, 3) natural and/or environmentally friendly methods to eliminate insects and pests in the garden
    And by downloading the composting ebook today, you get the complementary booklet: Can I Compost This?
  • Bring Joy to Your Life! Discover Everything You Need to Know So You Can Grow Healthy, Tasty, Lush Vegetables Year After Year.

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    Thank you!

    Marcie Snyder

    PS: You will have immediate access to How To Make Compost In your Backyard plus the report "Can I Compost This". You can immediately start choosing which method of composting you wish to follow and you're on your way to making great compost to add to your soil and begin growing tasty, nutrient-filled vegetables for you and your family.

    PPS: Remember: More and more big companies are taking over the food chain system, and unless you, the consumer,  take matters into your own hands and begin growing your own nutrient-filled vegetables, you will be at the mercy of these big companies who may be using insecticides and pesticides on their vegetables. The best alternative is to grow your own pesticide- and insecticide-free vegetables.

    PPPS:  In order to get healthy, nutrient-filled, insecticide/pesticide free vegetables, your plants must be grown in soil which is healthy.  That means soil must have compost added to it on a regular basis.  This ebook gives you step-by-step directions for all 4 methods of composting.  You can choose one or use all four.